2003 99 Schedule

2003 Powder Puff

Powder Puff Roster

car # Name Home
#03 Peggy Mosher Manteca
#3x Ronna Brooks Stockton
#05 Jill Schmidt Roseville
#5 Sheryl Harper Stockton
#9 Christy Allen Linden
#16 Sherri Hansen Stockton
#58 Crystal Sanchez Stockton
#44 Cindy Bentz Lodi
#68 Evelyn Bird Stockton
#88 Andrea Kitto Stockton
#04 Donna Dahl Stockton
9x Karen Williams Ceres

Donna Dahl, #04 just jumped out of the #04 car, the 2003 Powder Puff Champ ! Peggy Mosher, #03, finished second and got the whole new family in the picture! Christy Allen of Linden finished 3rd in Cindy Freitas’ #9 Pure Stock. #68 Evelyn Bird of Stockton races Peggy Mosher and eventually finished 5th. Andrea Kitto was in the #88, from Stockton. and finished 8th!

Sheryl Harper, #5 of Stockton, finished 7th. #16, Sherri Hansen of Stockton finished 9th in the Main. Girl talk before the race!!

Crystal Sanchez, #58, of Stockton was hot lapping and had a ferocious meeting with the front straight wall! She was fixed and ran the main!!!

Women’s Powder Puff Results

Heat 1- 1.Peggy Mosher 2. Christy Allen 3. Cindy Bentz 4. Chrystal Sanchez 5.Ronna Brooks

Heat 2- 1. Jill Schmidt 2. Donna Dahl 3. Evelyn Bird 4. Sheryl Harper 5. Sherri Hansen 6. Chrystal Sanchez 7. Rena Fowler

Main-1. Donna Dahl 2. Peggy Mosher 3.Christy Allen 4. Jill Schmidt 5. Evelyn Bird 6. Cindy Bentz 7. Sheryl Harper 8. Andrea Kitto 9. Sherri Hansen 10. Chrystal Sanchez 11. Ronna Brooks 12. Rena Fowler.

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