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Jeff Anthony passed away on Sunday, November 27th, 2005 at 10:31 AM. Jeff became the "Iron Man" of the SRL when he made his 50th career start during the 2005 season at Altamont Raceway & Arena on August 20th. Jeff finished with 53 starts, earning eight victories, four fast time awards, 25 top five finishes, and 40 to top ten finishes. The SRL sends their condolences to Jeff's family and friends.

Early Monday, November 20th, SRL Late Model driver Jeff Anthony, was involved in an ATV crash at the Glamis Sand Dunes. Jeff was critically injured after taking an estimated 60 foot fall. Another rider, Kevin Falvey, a close friend and EMT, witnessing a portion of the fall was able to administer medical help until he was transported by sand rail to a Marine Medivac. The initial flight was to an Arizona hospital that then had him airlifted to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center located in San Diego. 

In lieu of flowers (Jeff was allergic to them) and to honor his memory the family asks that you contribute to the trust fund for his loved ones that have been left behind, Jesel and Cindy, their dogs, Ed and Mali, their cat Simba and their step-dog Winstonů Bank: Washington Mutual, Name: Jeff Anthony Trust Fund, Acct#: 01961516558, Address: 3100 Balfour Road, Suite A in Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone 925-240-8426 x 3. The funeral will be in Livermore and is tentatively set for Saturday, December 17th. The place is still to be determined. The information will be posted on various websites once the final arrangements have been made.

Please make donations at any Washington Mutual branch:
Jeff Anthony Trust Fund
C/O Washington Mutual 01961516558
3100 Balfour Rd. Suite A
Brentwood, CA 94513
925-240-8426 Ext 3

barry himes <golfismerus@yahoo.com>
Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:01:52 -0800 (PST)
When we came into the hospital Monday morning we were immediately told that Jeff�s situation was not looking good. I asked well what does that mean? The doctor explained that Jeff had severe brain injuries and that it was pointing towards a brain stem injury and people generally don�t recover from them. A short time later we met with another Neurologist that said we would have to make a decision. I again said what does that mean? The doctor answered that Jeff had all of the signs of a brain stem injury and that he was unlikely to wake up and if he did he would have severe brain damage and disabilities. He would not be the same person we knew if he were to wake up from this. The doctor said that the critical time for brain injuries is 24 to 48 hours. We�d do another CT scan and go from there. 48 hours came and went and the 2nd CT scan showed no improvements. The doctor told us the window for our choice was 5 to 7 days from the accident. Meaning, we needed to decide whether to let him go peacefully or have him incubated indefinitely in a nursing home. To ensure we made the right decision for Jeff we requested a 3rd CT scan to be performed Friday evening. Saturday morning we (Jeff�s family and friends) reviewed all three scans together and the doctor explained the minimal changes on them. As a team, we made the final decision. This morning at 10:31 AM Jeff Anthony peacefully left us. He went without pain and gave his close family and friends the time to say goodbye. His memory will live on his son Jesel and in true Jeff Anthony style, he left us doing what he loved and he Drove it Like he Stole it!

Aimee Zapara-Sullivan <shahlajewel@earthlink.net>
Sun, 27 Nov 2005 21:43:29 -0800
I just wanted to let everyone know at Stockton 99 Speedway that SRL #76 Jeff Anthony passed away this morning in San Diego. He will be deeply missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife and his son  and the rest of his family.
Aimee and David Sullivan

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