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A Tribute to 9/11 brought out the best in human nature and a Championship to Larry Toon

The New Stockton 99 Speedway Media Release – 9-11-2010           

Media Relations – David Holman


September 11, 2001, a day that will most certainly live in infamy, disgust and sorrow.  And, which brought with it, a whole new awakening in our Country.  We race this day in remembrance of the 3000 who lost their lives on that fateful morning, and the families they left behind to deal with the most devastating terrorist attack in history on US soil.  And, of course, the heroes who rose to the forefront that day brought out the best in human nature and proved what a great Country it is in which we live.


On Saturday, September 11th, Tribute Month continued with Stockton 99 Speedway’s Tribute to 9/11 which featured Street Stocks, Bombers, Basically-4-Cylinders, NCMA Sprint Cars, USAC Ford Focus Midgets in Twin-40’s, and USAC Jr. Ford Focus Midgets.


They never fail to amaze, and on this night the 1200 fans in the stands watched the Street Stocks in amazement as Points Leader Sammy Solari (79) of Escalon notched his tenth win of the year in amazing fashion.

After an invert of six, Garland Tyler (73) of Modesto inherited the point position with Stockton’s own Ben Lewis II grabbing the P2 slot.  With green flag waving, Lewis drove hard into turn one to gain the holeshot where he would begin to pull away from his nearest competitors by as much as a straightaway at times.  Much to Lewis’ chagrin, at the same time he pulled away, Points Leader Sammy Solari pulled into second and began to chew away at the asphalt separating himself from Lewis.  And, as luck would have it, on lap 19, Tyler washed up the track in turn two which brought with it the one and only yellow of the race.  On the lap 19 restart, Solari grabbed a huge hunk of forward bite along with the lead where he would continue on, unabated to the checkers, for his tenth win on the year.  “I want to thank Joyner Motorsports and all my sponsors, we have the complete and total package with this car,” said the always-confident Solari, then added, “Lewis had a good lead, but he knew we were coming.  Then we got that great restart, and here we are.  We don’t race for second.”  Lewis, again was the bridesmaid, but did have another great race.  Atwater’s “Racin” Jason Aguirre continued his solid Season with a podium finish in third.  “Rompin” Rich Harper (5) of Stockton, always a threat, finished fourth with Livermore’s Mark Squadritto, after dealing with an evil car all day, still managed to finish in the top five.  Barring anything catastrophic, Solari still needs to show up for the green flag and race next week to grab the Crown in this Division.  But knowing Solari, he never “settles” for anything but his best effort.  Of course, everything hangs on car-count.


The beat 'em bang 'em Bombers brought their usual unadulterated excitement to the racing surface.  And when the atmosphere calmed on this one, Tom Dahl (003) of Stockton was standing atop the podium with arms outstretched in victory.


This one got real busy, real quick with Stockton’s Jeremy Tucker (051) leading the field to greet the green and the #93x of Tyler Guzman out to the right.  J. Tucker was able to lead the first lap only to have it taken away on lap 2 by Points Leader and cousin, Travis Tucker (350), also of Stockton.  Once out front, Tucker appeared extremely strong until lap 13 when he finally succumbed to the intense pressure on his back bumper by Stockton’s Tom Dahl (004).  Dahl would take charge from that point forward and was never seriously, but was superbly, challenged as he crossed the stripe for his fifth win on the Season.  “Robbie (Knittel) is a heck-of-a-driver,” said the soft-spoken Dahl, “I really enjoy racing with him.  Everyone out here tonight did a great job.”  Lodi’s Robbie Knittel (003) made every effort to challenge Dal for the lead, but in the end, he would have to settle for second.  Travis Tucker, by virtue of his third place finish, need only start the Main Event next week to capture the 2010 Crown in this Division.  Stockton’s Mike Massone (007) had another excellent race finishing fourth with Andy Rumsey, driving double-duty once again, completing the top five.


The Basically-4-Cylinders emerged onto the asphalt deck for their tenth time this year.  Not to go unnoticed, Points Leader Larry Toon (88) of Modesto took the checkers for his sixth win in what has turned out to be a magnificent Season for the young driver.  Coming into this event, Toon held the lead over JD Silva by a mere thirteen points (518-505).  Toon’s win tonight would clinch the 2010 Basically-4-Cylinder Championship.

 The competition in this one got underway with Stockton drivers Tommy Wood (28) on point and Kelle Bobbitt (61) slotted at P2.  Unfortunately, for both drivers, when they came back around to register the first lap, it would be all Toon at the start/finish line where he grabbed the early lead and never looked back as he crossed beneath the checkers, completely unchallenged, for his sixth win of the year, which also brought with it the 2010 Basically-4-Cylinder Championship in quite dominating fashion.  “I won that one, right?” asked the very happy Toon, “Sometimes you get so caught-up in the race, you forget where you are.  The car was a little slower than normal, but it held up, and it worked; it worked all year.”  Stockton’s Andrew Rumsey (101), not through lack of effort, could never quite get to Toon’s back bumper and had to settle for second.  Richard Hull (23) of Modesto had another great run finishing on the podium in third.  Manteca’s Matt Anderson (5) brought her home with his best-ever finish in fourth while Bobbitt fell off the pace just a bit to finish fifth.  Congratulations to Larry Toon for his accomplishments this year at Stockton 99 Speedway.


David Goodwill (3) of Napa made a monumental statement by winning the NCMA Sprint Car’s Main Event.  And with the accolades came the extended Points Lead in this Division.


This one got underway with the #10 of Carl Mott and the #15 of Clovis’ Justin Kawahata going off into turn one from the front row.  However, by the time they got back to the stripe it would be Patterson’s Steve Amador (6) enjoying three laps on point before being displaced by Rob Hammond (17H) of Morgan Hill who enjoyed three laps on point before being displaced by Modesto’s seventy-two-year old Legend, Ed Amador (76).  Amador appeared stout out front, and most likely, strictly irretrievable as he began to yard the field with a fierce battle going on behind him over the number two spot.  Unfortunately, the racing Gods must have been frowning when, on lap 23, Kawahata came spinning off turn four and brought with him the first caution period of the race.  On the lap 23 restart, David Goodwill performed a magnificent power move low off turn four to lay claim to that much-coveted real estate out front where he would ride it out to the finish by a straightaway for his third win of the year at the Speedway.  “It was really a great victory coming from the back,” said the always gracious Goodwill, “The car wasn’t working as well as it usually does.  Earlier in the night, the crew made some changes for the Main Event and they really helped.”  Ed Amador slipped back a little after leading most of the race, but still managed a great second place finish.  Hammond, after showing up on the radar early, faded, but only slightly, to finish on the podium in third.  Mott, who started on pole, managed his race nicely and finished in fourth while Steve Amador rounded out the top five.


If you love speed, and surely you do, the USAC Ford Focus Midgets should have completely quenched your thirst for it, especially after watching the stunning Victory by Keegan Walmer of Portland, OR in Twin #1.


This one got up to speed extremely quick with Nick Carlson (60) on pole and Eureka’s Brandon White (11) at his side.  Carlson jumped out early, but much to his dismay, on lap 5, Austin Farley (42) of Brighton, CO, decided it was his turn out front as he dove low through three and four to capture that prime real estate ahead of the pack.  Once there, despite living through two early cautions, Farley maintained his position in the number one slot over the next twenty-six laps, but at the same time, Keegan Walmer had progressively worked his way through the field until he reached the number two spot where he began to gnaw at Farley’s back bumper, and continued to do so, rather ferociously at times, from lap 20 until lap 31 when Walmer decided to make his well-patented move through three and four and snatch the lead away, which he did in stunning fashion and held on all the way through to the checkers for his first-ever Victory in a Midget.  "Wooo! This feels great," Walmer said. "I just want to thank everyone that helps me. I had not won (in the Midgets). It's exciting."  Fremont’s Cody Thompson (8), who had started alongside Walmer on the grid, worked his way through the field to finish second.  Farley, after appearing to be a powerhouse for most of the race, fell back slightly, but still finished on the podium in third.  Madera’s Cody Gerhardt (40) came home in a solid fourth with Bobby Runyan (9) of Denair rounding out the top five.


In the USAC Ford Focus Midgets Twin #2, it was virtually a mirror image of the first with Cody Thompson (8) of Fremont swapping spots with Walmer at the stripe.


Shawn Buckly (7) of Simi Valley got the early jump from the front row, pulling Garrett Peterson (31) of West Sacramento, to his right, along for the ambitious ride.  Buckly would hold strong until lap 14, when he and Peterson came together, if only slightly, after fighting over the same piece of property.  The skirmish lasted just long enough for Cody Thompson (8) of Fremont to slip by both cars and into the lead.  Once there, Thompson would never relinquish his spot as he held on begrudgingly through to the checkers for the very popular victory.  Walmer had methodically worked his way through the field, but by time he popped out into second, there simply was not enough laps remaining to do anything with Thompson, so it goes without saying, he settled for second.  Cody Gerhardt, completing a wonderful night, would finish on the podium in third.  Bobby Runyan, as well, had a great night, finishing this one up in fourth with Nick Carlson making up the top five.


The Young Guns are merely a slightly slower version of the Ford Focus Midgets because of a three-quarter restrictor plate, and younger drivers.  But that certainly doesn’t take away from the excitement they produce.  Tonight, fourteen-year old Keegan Walmer (24) of Portland, OR would win the gold in this Division in a very matter-of-fact fashion.


Austin Farley (42) of Brighton, CO and Fremont’s Cody Thompson (8) paced the field to green to get this one underway.  Farley took the lead coming around to lap 1 where he enjoyed the view through the windshield, but not so much so in the rear-view mirror, which happened to be full of Keegan Walmer, at least until lap 9 when Walmer made an absolutely fantastic move dipping low in turn four and coming out on the other side with the point position.  Once there, it was “good night” to the rest of the field as he drove off to the checkers for his fifth Young Gun Victory of the Season.  “Hopefully I’m going to run a Grand American Modified next year,” said the young Oregon driver, “And after that hopefully on to NASCAR.”  Thompson held tight to finish a close second while Farley slipped just a bit to finish third with Eureka’s Brandon White (11) bringing her home in fourth.


Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 18th, when the NASCAR Whelen All American Series is back in action on the Toughest Test in the West to Crown Three Champions when, on Fan Appreciation Night, Whelen presents Championship Night at the Speedway.  Featured on the ticket will be the Western Late Models in Twin 40's, Grand American Modifieds, Street Stocks, Bombers and the Mini Cups.  This is going to be a huge show you won’t want to miss with several Championship Races coming down to the wire.  Also, $10 General Admission and 99¢ Hot Dogs All Night Long!


The New Stockton 99 Speedway is located at 4105 N. Wilson Way, ¼-mile west of Highway 99.  For more information on tickets and times, please contact the Speedway Office at (209)466-9999 or visit their Website at

The New Stockton 99 Speedway is sponsored by Jackson Rancheria Casino Hotel, California Welding Supply, Budweiser, Alamo Alarm and Lodi Hampton Inn and Suites. 


Teen posts two wins
By Scott Linesburgh
Record Staff Writer
September 12, 2010 12:00 AM


STOCKTON - Keegan Walmer smiled like any other 14-year-old enjoying a night at the races. But Walmer was having his fun on the track, not in the

Ben Lewis (22) jockeys for position with other competitors during a Street Stock race Saturday at Stockton 99 Speedway.


The young driver put together one of the better performances at Stockton 99 Speedway in recent years, winning two of the three open-wheel main events he entered on Saturday at the quarter-mile asphalt track on Wilson Way. He won his fifth feature race of the season in the Young Guns, a division designed for younger drivers, and picked up his first main event victory in the adult-oriented Ford Focus Midgets. He also won the Midgets trophy dash and heat races in both divisions. Walmer was second in the final Midgets race, which was won by Cody Thompson of Fremont. After his first Midget win, Walmer jumped out of his car and pulled off his helmet before celebrating with his family.

"Wooo! This feels great," Walmer said. "I just want to thank everyone that helps me. I had not won (in the Midgets). It's exciting." Walmer, a resident of Portland, Ore., began racing when he was 5, according to his mother, Kim Walmer. "He just loves it," Kim Walmer said. "This is a big night for all of us."

Keegan Walmer took the lead from Austin Farley on lap 31 of the 40-lap first Midget race.

The entire field was inverted for the second main event, and Walmer finished in the 10th and final position. He made his way up to second, but couldn't catch Thompson, who was second to Walmer in the first race.


Sam Solari of Escalon won his 10th Street Stocks main event of the season when he passed Ben Lewis of Stockton on lap 19 of the 30-lap feature.


Tom Dahl of Stockton won his fifth Bombers main event, holding off a strong challenge from Robert Knittel of Lodi.

"This was a tough one," Dahl said. "Robbie was right on me all night. He's a great driver. There was a lot of great racing. I have nothing but good things to say about everybody."


Larry Toon of Modesto finished off a dominant season in the B4s division by winning the main event and clinching the division title.

Toon, who also won his heat race, won six of the series' nine main events.


Contact reporter Scott Linesburgh at (209) 546-8281 or


The New Stockton 99 Speedway is located at 4105 N. Wilson Way, ¼-mile west of Highway 99.  For more information on tickets and times, please contact the Speedway Office at (209)466-9999 or visit their Website at

The New Stockton 99 Speedway is sponsored by Jackson Rancheria Casino Hotel, California Welding Supply, Budweiser, Alamo Alarm and Lodi Hampton Inn and Suites.


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