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The New Stockton 99 Speedway Media Release 4-9-2011           

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The NASCAR Whelen All American Series
Returned To Get Their Season Rolling

On Saturday, April 9th, the NASCAR Whelen All American Series rumbled onto the high-banks for their opening night of the Season.  The agenda for the evening included the return of the Western Late Models in Twin 50s, Grand American Modifieds, Super Stocks, Bombers, Basically-4- Cylinders, and Mini Cups.  The action got underway very quickly, and for this time of year, there was some fantastic hard-core racing that took place in each Division.  The 2500 fans in the stands were on the collective edge of their seats for the entire event, going wild with approval.
The First Twin for the Western Late Models produced that much needed adrenaline to kick off the Season in the right direction with no less than 23 cars rumbling on the grid.  There was no surprise winner in this one, but Jeff Belletto's win added to the excitement in the air.
This one got up to speed with Jeff Belletto (12x) sitting P1 and third generation driver, and nephew, Nic Belletto (15) already nibbling at his right-side door panel coming off four to the green.  Of course, as most often happens, experience won out on this night with the elder Belletto grabbing that certain huge hunk of forward bite which slung him out to that much-coveted real estate at P1.  Once there, although he had to deal with the constant gnawing at his back bumper by nephew Nic, along with six caution periods, followed by six restarts, J. Belletto managed to ward off all evil and take the checkers, going flag to flag, for the extremely popular victory.  "It was fun racing out there with Nic(Belletto).  I'm happy to see him run so well," said the always gracious Belletto, "I was hoping we would finish one, two.  I don't know why the #52(Ryan Philpott) had to do that to him."   Meanwhile, N. Belletto, after shadowing his uncle's every move, was bumped back to a fifth place finish when, going through three and four on lap 49, Ryan Philpott (52), dove deep and low making contact with the #15 and sending him up to the wall.  The move turned out well for Philpott when he vaulted into second across the stripe.  The battle for third through fifteenth was fierce at times, thus the six yellows, but when the dust settled, it would be the #78 of Superstar driver Dave Byrd on the podium in third.  Another third generation driver, and 2009 Track Champ, Justin Philpott (05), drove a clean, solid race and finished up fourth.  N. Belletto, through no choice of his own, managed to hang on to a top five.
Twin #2 was just as exciting as the first, however, the results were quite the contrary with 2009 Champ, Justin Philpott (05) grabbing the winner's spoils in a very popular victory.
Because of the invert off Twin #1, Sammy Solari (3x) and second generation driver Colby Potts (12) laid claim to the front row and pulled around, field in tow, to greet the green.  Solari jumped out early where he appeared quite stout.  And so it went, but not without being riddled with yellows, just as the first twin.  After leading the first sixteen circuits, Solari surrendered to the opposing force of Justin Philpott (05).  Once Philpott took charge on lap 17, it was remnants of 2009 as he cradled that number one spot like he owned it.  And own it he did, enjoying the fresh air the remainder of the race.  But his pleasure did not come without challenges.  Challenges from the likes of Guy Guibor (61) and the ferocious pressure he applied lap after lap until there was nothing left but the checkered flag and the sweet taste of Victory.  "I would like to thank all my buddies for coming out, and all the fans who stayed around to watch," said the young Philpott, then added, "And I want to thank you, Wayne, for coming back to 99."  Guibor, always a threat, just used up too much car trying to get around the power of Philpott.  So in the end, he simply had to settle for second.  Potts hung around the front most of the night, but at one point was relegated to the tail-end of the field after being spun.  He fought extremely hard making his way back through the pack, and for his stunning efforts, he was rewarded with a career-best podium finish in third.  Jeff Belletto (12x), after winning the first Twin, was penalized early on in this one, but still managed to make his way back up to a fourth place finish.  The #6 of Mike Beeler, starting severely deep on the grid, showed his strength through traffic and pulled out a fifth.
In the Grand American Modified Division, 16 cars took to the grid with some great names included.  Wes Miller (57), one such sensation, powered his way to a thrilling and glorious Victory.
This star-studded field came to life when Jason Philpot (15a) and Rich Lindgren (45) jumped all over the go pedal coming up off turn four to the green.  Philpot managed to make the most of it as he soared down into one with the lead.  "Mr. Modified", Scott Winters (24), as a by-product of such a powerful start, was pulled along for the ride.  Unfortunately, the race was slowed almost immediately when Leroy Hunt (63) looped it getting into turn three where he came to rest against the wall facing the oncoming  traffic and bringing with him the first yellow of the night.  On the lap 3 restart, Winters, as he usually does, jumped out front where he would ride comfortably, despite a couple yellows, until lap 19 when Ryan Stepps lost control of the #98 coming out of two which sent the yellow waving high in the night sky.  On the restart, Winters and Miller had gained control of row number one, but going past the flagstand their cars made certain contact, giving Miller the edge and the lead while shuffling Winters back where he finally tucked into the number four slot.  Once out front, Miller would prove to be just strong enough to take it the rest of the way to the outstretched arms of Victory.  "I have to thank Mike(Garcia), it's pretty much his car," said the well-spoken Miller, "First and foremost, we're all going to miss Mike Roos, we still actually have his setup on the car right now."  Winters would rally back to finish what was most likely a disappointing second with Philpot hanging around to finish on the podium in third.  The #2x of Chris Smith had a solid race and a solid finish in fourth while Lindgren, although he fell off a bit, still managed to battle his way to fifth.
The Super Stocks produced a first-time winner in the form of Garland Tyler (73).  To his credit, however, it certainly didn't come as a big surprise to anyone that he had what it took to come home Victorious.  This one has been a long time coming.
Ben Lewis II (22) and Tyler inherited row number one due to the invert.  Tyler took full advantage of the opportunity by getting to the gas just a bit quicker than Lewis with the green flag flying.  Just as quickly, Tyler put his long-awaited stamp on that rare piece of property out front where he held on, begrudgingly so, throughout the thirty laps, despite the aggressive biting and chewing at his back bumper and fenders from teammate and friend, Jason Aguirre (45).  Coming off four to the checkers you could almost hear him sigh and take his first breath in twenty minutes, knowing he just won his first race going wire to wire.  "I want to thank my family and friends for all their support," said the quiet-mannered Tyler, "This has been a special week and I want to dedicate this win to Jason's(Aguirre) dad."  Aguirre, after a win last week, finished the night up in second.  On the podium in third, Lewis ran his usual clean, consistent race.  There was some intense warfare from fourth on back, some absolutely great racing.  But when the checkered flags rose above the asphalt surface, Rich Harper (5) and Mark Squadrito (3) rounded out the top five.
The Bombers race came up with a large surprise: a first-time winner in his first race.  The #050 of Doug Highfill turned his debut at the track into a dream come true by crossing the line well ahead of the field. 
This one got underway with Tony Karsting (312) and Tyler Guzman (93x) sharing the front row and showing the field to green.  Guzman grabbed the early lead, however, a quick caution on lap 2 would prove detrimental to the #93x when, on the ensuing restart, Highfill got a great jump, and from that point forward, he absolutely took it to the house, taking no prisoners, and no challengers.  Also, by leaving no doubt who was in charge on this night, he may be the one to be reckoned with this year. "I would like to thank all my sponsors for making this possible," said the excited Highfill, "I want to dedicate this race Wade's(Martin) grandma, my first win."  Bobby Simpson (819x) finished a distant second with an excellent run of his own.  David Tucker (350), in his first appearance, put together a marvelous showing in finishing on the podium in third while Karsting fell off the pace just a bit, but still managed a fourth place finish.  Jeremy Tucker (351) brought her home in fifth.
In the Basicly-4-Cylinders, Joseph Reichmuth (6) backed up his win from last week by winning his second in a row.  However, this time he did it coming from deep in the field.
Jennifer Corder (24) and the #61 of Kelle Bobbitt got this one underway from the first row with Bobbitt gaining the holeshot and holding strong, despite some severe racing going on behind him, until lap 18 when third generation driver Matt Anderson (5), after dealing with several close calls along the way, snatched the lead away from Bobbitt with a great move down low through three and four.  Unfortunately, that lead would be short-lived when, on lap 21, Reichmuth, after starting from the last row, and after showing much patience by methodically working his way through the field, grabbed the lead and never looked back, notching his second win in as many weeks.  Anderson held on to finish a career-best second with Bobbitt slipping back, if only slightly, to finish on the podium in third.  2010 Champ Larry Toon (88) brought her home in fourth while Andrew Rumsey (101), despite challenging for the lead early on, capped off the night in fifth.
The Mini Stock Division went green with Jackson Ezell (15) and Bryce Napier (03) heading the field into turn one, but the green changed to an immediate red when, coming off turn four, three cars tangled with the #1 of Andrew Vanderpool taking the worst of it as he came sliding down the front-stretch, flipped onto his lid and hit the outside wall just before the flagstand.  Fortunately, for all involved, they were checked at the Infield Care Center and released.  On the lap 1 restart, Ezell assumed his well-known position out front where he put on a clinic in how to get a Mini Cup around the high-banks of this old Speedway by taking the checkers over a half-lap ahead of his nearest competitor, which landed him in an all-too-familiar Victory Lane.  His nearest competitor came in the form of Bryce Napier as he finished a solid second with 2010 Champ, Cody Johnston (50) putting his hotrod on the podium in third.  The #22 of Hunter Franklin wound up fourth while the #10 of Kyle Wininger rounded out the top five.
Mark your calendars for next Saturday, April 16th, when Stockton 99 Speedway presents City of Stockton Night  featuring NASCAR Whelen All American SeriesSuper Stocks in Twin 40's, Bombers, Basically-4- Cylinders, Mini Trucks, Mini Cups, and Vintage Hard Tops.
ATTENTION: A little something new for this year: This Saturday, if you are a resident of Stockton, it will be $10 for General Admission with proof of residency, for instance, a driver's license.  Likewise, on all other City Nights, if you are a resident of that particular city, with proof, General Admission will be $10.
The New Stockton 99 Speedway is located at 4105 N. Wilson Way, -mile west of Highway 99.  For more information on tickets and times, please contact the Speedway Office at (209)466-9999 or visit their Website at
The New Stockton 99 Speedway is sponsored by Jackson Rancheria Casino Hotel, California Welding Supply, Budweiser, Alamo Alarm and Stockton Hampton Inn and Suites and Lodi Holiday Express.  


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