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Troy Beebe
Modesto, Ca.

1984 L.M.S. Rookie of the Year
1985 L.M.S. Division Champion
13 career fast times
4 career dash wins
7 career main wins
37 career main top five
14 total career wins
58 career total top finishes

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Larry Shafer
Stockton, Ca.

1985 Hobby Division Champion
1986 L.M.S. Rookie of the Year
8 Main wins in a row (1985 Div. best)
16 Main wins in a year--(1985 Div. best)
16 Fast Times in a year--1985 (Div. 3rd best)
23 Total Wins in a Year (Div. second best)
8 Career Dash Wins
16 Career Main Wins  (Div. second best)
22 Career Main Top Five's
25 Total Career Wins
38 Career Total Top Finishes

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