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Rip Van Winkle continues to pile up the 'senior tour' records as he steps up to the Late Model ranks and becomes the oldest rookie in the division.

Another opening day first is a new standard of allowing the six fast cars in time trials to start in the first six positions for the main event.

A new division is opened up to allow more drivers and cars to compete on a weekly basis. The division uses common cars of the day and is called Street Stock.

Ken Boyd continues his fast time streak and sets three track records this year, with his best of 13.429 coming on September 30th.

On June tenth, now Winston Cup driver Ernie Irvan, is on hand at Stockton to drive Richard Guthmiller's car. The car has a 331 cubic inch motor that is not up to the 355 cubic inch runners of the day, but Irvan makes it a wild race showing why he was able to make the big move to Cup racing. Ernie takes the dash win and runs a strong third in the night's feature event.

After sixteen years and 160 drivers, the Hobby/Charger division is down to a total of thirteen drivers for the year, with less than that showing on a weekly basis. On June tenth, after eleven events, the division is officially dropped with the final feature event victory going to John Collier of Stockton. Ron Inman of Ceres becomes the final division champion.

Boyd takes all the fast times on the year, and picks up twenty top main event finishes, and ties Belletto with eight feature victories. Belletto picks up an additional six wins in other events. Boyd repeats as champion with Belletto running second in points, just ahead of Stockton's Larry Shafer. Strmiska and Brazil also do well in stats on the year.

Greg Rayl of Salida and Raymond Casey of Delhi share the top numbers in the new Street Stock division, with Rayl taking five dash wins, and six feature victories. Casey set seven fast times, and picked off seventeen main top five finishes to edge Rayl for the season championship. Ted Rouse of Stockton finished a strong third in the points. Other top stat men included Eugene Freeman of Stockton, and Delhi's Larry Miller.

Rip Van Winkle took the season's semi main title, with rookie of the year falling to Jerry Short. Mark Sutherland of Stockton was the most improved Late Model driver, with the year's Sportsman trophy going to Herb Knoebel of Mountain View.

The decade of the eighties came to an end with the big numbers split between Boyd and Belletto. Boyd earned his title of 'Mr. Quick' with fifty fast times, and compiled the best feature victory total of thirty nine. Boyd also notched 114 main top five finishes over the ten year period. Belletto kissed nineteen trophy girls over the decade and led the record book with eighty three total wins in all events, and 216 total top finishes.

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