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(Stockton (Calif.) Record----Wed., March 6, 1947)
Stockton Midget Track will seat 10,000

      Incorporation papers were filed here yesterday for "99 Stadium," the new midget automobile racing park and all-sport plant which is being erected two miles north of town on 99 highway this spring. The incorporators are Stanley S. Moore, William G. Hunefeld, and Len H. Honey and it is expected that the stadium will be ready for racing by the end of May with a seating capacity for 10,000 people. Promoter Hunefeld said today that CPA clearance was expected for necessary materials. Midget racing will be held every Tuesday night and the park will be also used for softball, professional football, and boys recreation.
With obscure notice above--written exactly as it appeared, buried deep in the Sports section of the Stockton Record Newspaper...
            wgh4beans.jpg (34420 bytes)
The caption on the back of this photo says, "Beans" Cruz, buys the first tickets to the 99 Stadium at the Stockton Bowling Alley Bar, from promoter "Billy" Hunefeld. 1947 Notice the arial picture of the new speedway!
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