only 15 per week signaling the end of the hardtop era, with the final event on September second falling to #555, Charlie Sanchez.
     Dick Ramsey, #4and #2, of Ceres, former promoter and announcer for Stockton and Modesto Speedway's in the 50's, was the final hardtop champion, driving a 296 cubic inch, 1936 Ford Hardtop. Dick had started racing in the 40's in Midgets under an alias of Mackie Bardall and had retired for several years. A freak chance to race in 1959 put him back behind the wheel, but a serious accident in Roseville in 1964, where he went over the wall and into the pits, sent him the message to retire for good.
  also pictured: #40, Clyde Palmer, #18, Buck Wenzel, and #15, Glenn Cheatham.

Dick was followed closely this year by Brazil, Chuck Allen, (right), Vel Rogers, and J.C. Pace,#12. Ramsey takes the state title for hardtops as Al Pombo of Fresno wins the state Limited Modified hardtop championship in it's first season of action at other area tracks. The quickly growing Modified style was about to make its debut at 99. See Johnny Raymond's chopped down Modified to the right.

These 13 pictures are courtesy of the Sheldon Boone Collection.

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