NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 2, 2002) - More than 900 people gathered at the famous Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville Saturday evening, to officially crown the 2002 champions of the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge. Peter Daniels, of Lebanon, N.H., lead the honorees as the national champion and collected more than $160,000 in post season awards.

Daniels won the national championship competing in the series' New England Region, where he recorded 14 feature victories at Claremont (N.H.) Speedway. Seven other regional champions were honored at Saturday's celebration, including Billy Tuckwell of Metamora, Ill.; Clint Bowyer of Emporia, Kan.; Buck Catalano of Ontario, N.Y.; Roger Avants of Littleton, Colo.; Scott Winters of Tracy, Calif; Wade Day of Elizabethton, Tenn.; and Jamey Caudill of Four Oaks, N.C. Each of the seven regional champions was presented with more than $40,000 in point fund awards.

Kerry Davis, of Kansas City, was also honored as the ShorTrack Division national champion. The ShorTrack Division awards recognize support division drivers at each NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge facility. Davis won the championship with 18 victories in the Grand National Division at Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. and collected more than $10,000 for this accomplishment.

Several special award winners were also announced, including Daniels' brother and car owner, Richard Daniels, who received the Lincoln Electric Car Owner Award; Daniels' crew chief, Jim Crowell, was presented with the Lunati National Championship Crew Chief Award; and veteran car owner Bob Korn, of Miamisburg, Ohio, who won the national True Value Mechanic of the Year Award. In total, $1.7 million in point fund awards were distributed to the top finishing competitors in the series during Saturday's gala event.

1) The class of 2002: NWRS regional champions (from L-R) Scott Winters, Wade Day, Jamey Caudill, Roger Avants, Peter Daniels, Billy Tuckwell, Clint Bowyer and Buck Catalano
2) Peter Daniels with his NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge national championship trophy

   Pos  Driver Name         Home Track          Starts Wins T-5  T-10    CPI 
                             Regional Track Leaders 

    1   AVANTS ROGER        COLORADO NATIONAL SP   20    9   19   19    0.8500 
    2   BELLETTO HARRY      STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   19    5   17   18    0.7332 
    3   BUHOLZ RUSTY        ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   20    4   15   17    0.7249 
    4   HARDY LYNN          ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   18    8   12   14    0.7203 
    5   MORIARITY TOM       EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     21    5   17   20    0.7112 
    6   BEHN NICK           SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   20    6   16   18    0.6869 
    7   HARRIS BRENT        WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   18    9   14   18    0.6860 
    8   JEFFERSON JASON     TRI-CITY RACEWAY       20    4   17   19    0.6852 
    9   JONES STEVEN        MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   18    3   17   18    0.6377 
   10   TIDRICK JR B J      YAKIMA SPEEDWAY        10    1    8    8    0.5592 

                                    2nd Tier 

   11   ROBERTSON JERRY     COLORADO NATIONAL SP   20    8   16   18    0.8000 
   12   DAYS AARON          ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   20    7   18   18    0.7999 
   13   BAILEY JEFF         TRI-CITY RACEWAY       20    7   17   19    0.7227 
   14   ZARETZKE JOHN       EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     21    6   16   18    0.7112 
   15   DRAKE ROGER         SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   20    2   15   18    0.6244 
   16   CAMPBELL JIM        ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   18    2   11   15    0.6231 
   17   MILLER WES          STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   19    2   10   15    0.6016 
   18   REID BEN            WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   18    1   14   17    0.5749 
   19   CORBRIDGE RICK      MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   18    1   11   18    0.5266 
   20   ZAMORA MIKE         YAKIMA SPEEDWAY        10    0    7    8    0.5092 

                                    3rd Tier 

   21   BACKMAN SCOTT       COLORADO NATIONAL SP   20    1   15   17    0.7000 
   22   RIEHL BRANDON       TRI-CITY RACEWAY       19    7   14   16    0.6898 
   23   MADSEN GARY         ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   18    1   15   16    0.6647 
   24   SHIRK TROY          ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   20    0   12   16    0.6374 
   25   BOLIN TRACY         STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   19    2   11   16    0.6148 
   26   MORIN JR PATRICK    WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   18    2   15   18    0.6027 
   27   TIBBITTS ERIC       SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   20    1   13   19    0.5869 
   28   MURPHY MATTHEW      EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     21    1   10   13    0.5802 
   29   WARTLUFT HAROLD     MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   18    2    9   18    0.5127 
   30   BEMIS RON           YAKIMA SPEEDWAY        10    0    1    7    0.3592 

                                    4th Tier 

   31   YACKEY BRUCE        COLORADO NATIONAL SP   20    1   14   18    0.6875 
   32   LEONARD GREG        ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   20    0   12   17    0.6374 
   33   WALLACE RAY         SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   20    4   14   19    0.6369 
   34   WYSONG JIM          ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   18    2   11   16    0.6231 
   35   WALKER SCOTT        TRI-CITY RACEWAY       18    2   11   17    0.5879 
   36   ANDERSON JR PETE    STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   19    1    8   18    0.5622 
   37   JONES JOSH          WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   15    3   12   15    0.5407 
   38   POWELL THOMAS       MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   18    1   10   18    0.5127 
   39   DECKER JR JOE       EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     21    0    5   13    0.5088 
   40   KALSCH CHRISTOPHER  YAKIMA SPEEDWAY        10    0    1    4    0.3592 

                                    5th Tier 

   41   BAMMER TODD         ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   18    6   12   14    0.7207 
   42   PRESLEY BOB         SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   20    4   12   16    0.6119 
   43   BYRD DAVE           STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   13    4   12   12    0.6086 
   44   KELLOGG BEAU        COLORADO NATIONAL SP   20    0    8   16    0.6000 
   45   ELLISON RICKY       ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   18    2    9   15    0.5953 
   46   WOODHALL T J        MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   18    3    8   18    0.5127 
   47   THOMPSON STEVE      TRI-CITY RACEWAY       20    0    4   16    0.4727 
   48   MATTHEW TOM         EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     21    0    0   11    0.4493 
   49   SWEATMAN TOM        YAKIMA SPEEDWAY         6    1    4    5    0.4184 
   50   HOMER DOUG          WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   14    0    5   13    0.3810 


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (September 17, 2002) - Roger Avants, of Littleton, Colo., captured the Northwest Region championship of the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge. Avants, who competes in the Late Model division at Colorado National Speedway near Denver, Colo., earned the title on the strength of nine wins and 19 top-five finishes in 20 starts. Avants will be honored at the series’ awards banquet, Nov. 2 in Nashville, where he will collect $43,000 in NASCAR point fund awards.

Avants won the regional title along with his fifth track championship at the 3/8-mile oval, a track that has already produced two regional champions - Bruce Yackey in 1997 and Jerry Robertson in 2000. The two were in the hunt again this year, but a focused Avants and his team were able to prevail.

        His 2002 regional championship is another Avants entry into the NASCAR record book. In 1986, he won the very first race of the inaugural Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring season. He matched that March win with a second in July at the same track, the now defunct Saugus (Calif.) Speedway. Avants has continued to compete in selected Featherlite Southwest Series events, but in the late 1980’s, the one-way commute of 1,500 miles eventually brought Avants “home” to Colorado National Speedway when the track was paved in 1989.

        Avants collected track championships in 1990, ‘92, ‘93, and ‘95, in addition to the 2002 campaign. Known as the “Ice Man” for his ability to stay calm and perform under pressure, the accomplishments mean a lot to Avants.

        “Racing well can give you a sense of accomplishment and being competitive is important,” Avants said. “Everybody on the team joins in and has a good time, but it is hard work.

        “We always have close points races at this track. Nobody gives you an inch. Making up two points on someone is really hard, but it seems like losing four points is easy.”


   Pos  Driver Name         Home Track          Starts Wins T-5  T-10    CPI 

                             Regional Track Leaders 

    1   LUND DAVE           EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     20    9   17   17    0.8250 
    2   STIBAL ANDY         WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   16    8   14   16    0.8204 
    3   THOMAS DENNIS       ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   16    9   13   16    0.7440 
    4   MILES DALE          MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   16    7   15   16    0.7061 
    5   LEAF CHRIS          COLORADO NATIONAL SP   18    8   12   14    0.6995 
    6   MARQUEZ RUDY        ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   18    4   16   17    0.6804 
    7   CONTESSOTTO DANNY   STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   17    2   13   17    0.6708 
    8   HINKLE CHAD         SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   16    6   11   15    0.6450 

                                    2nd Tier 

   11   MITCHELL SHANNON    WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   16    2   12   14    0.6954 
   12   SOLARI SAMMY        STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   17    3   12   16    0.6708 
   13   KERR MARK           ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   18    2   16   17    0.6526 
   14   HAMILTON JJ         SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   16    4   12   15    0.6294 
   15   KANEASTER CURT      MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   16    1   14   16    0.5967 
   16   DONALDSON JIMMY     COLORADO NATIONAL SP   18    0   12   16    0.5884 
   17   DOWNEY JIM          EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     20    0    6   16    0.5750 
   18   EATON JEREMY        ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   16    0   11   16    0.5721 

                                    3rd Tier 

   21   BURCHETT DAVID      ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   18    6   16   17    0.7082 
   22   STACY STEVE         STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   17    3   10   15    0.6414 
   23   KLEYN MITCH         WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   15    2    8   10    0.6200 
   24   MANNEY BILL         SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   16    3   12   14    0.6138 
   25   KRUISWYK III DIRK   EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     20    0    5   12    0.5625 
   26   HARKINS BILLY       COLORADO NATIONAL SP   18    0    9   16    0.5467 
   27   WORDELMAN BRYAN     ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   16    0    8   15    0.5253 
   28   NATION BOB          MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   16    1    9   16    0.5186 

                                    4th Tier 

   31   DOAN DAN            MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   15    4   15   15    0.6484 
   32   PARKER NICK         ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   14    5   12   13    0.6470 
   33   COOLEY KYLE         EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     18    2    9   15    0.6403 
   34   PHILPOT JASON       STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   17    2    8   14    0.5973 
   35   MILLER CARRIE       ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   18    1   12   16    0.5832 
   36   MICIELLI BOBBY      SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   16    0   13   16    0.5825 
   37   EDWARDS DENNIS      COLORADO NATIONAL SP   18    0   10   16    0.5606 
   38   HUSON VERN          WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   15    0    4    9    0.5241 

                                    5th Tier 

   41   LINSTROTH JAY       STOCKTON 99 SPEEDWAY   17    3    7   11    0.5973 
   42   EMGE PATRICK        ALTAMONT RACEWAY PAR   16    2   11   13    0.5867 
   43   EDDY BILL           EVERGREEN SPEEDWAY     20    0    4   14    0.5500 
   44   BILLINGER TIM       COLORADO NATIONAL SP   18    1    8   15    0.5467 
   45   STRICKLER JOHN      ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACEW   15    0    8   14    0.5103 
   46   MOORE KENNETH       WENATCHEE VALLEY SUP   16    0    2    6    0.5079 
   47   VAN HOLLAND RAY     MAGIC VALLEY SPEEDWA   15    1    9   13    0.5047 
   48   BOEHI MARK          SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY   15    0    7   15    0.4738



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (August 2, 2002) - The family that races together, stays together. So the saying goes.  Whether it’s a family that travels to the Daytona 500 each year, or works on a Late Model Stock Car in the garage, fathers and sons, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters keep NASCAR traditions alive.

In the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge, family is everything. Teams rely on volunteer labor to keep their cars on the track; family members often serve as crew members. Sometimes, the racing “bug” spreads to other relatives and they’ll start new teams - pitting fathers and sons or even brothers and sisters against each other.

“NASCAR racing has always been, and will always be, a family sport,” said Chris Boals, director of the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge. “The Weekly Racing Series is designed for fun, for learning and it’s always been the perfect weekend activity for families that are passionate about motorsports. There are 80 participating tracks across the country, so it’s easy to get involved in the series.”

Nearly every track is filled with stories of relatives pitching in at the track, or racing against each other in a friendly rivalry. …

The presence of these teams serves as a welcome reminder that much of weekly racing is about fun, family and working together. Although a $1.7 million annual point fund is distributed among the top finishers in the series, these hometown teams race for the experience and the time shared at the track.

For the Parrott clan, racing at Elko is a tradition that dates back two generations. Dusty and Darrin’s grandfather and father both raced and now 16-year old Dusty and 18-year old Darrin are the family’s drivers.  Rounding out the racing activities, their mother works in the speedway office.

Listening to Dusty, a student at Northfield (Minn.) High School, it is clear that racing is an enjoyable Parrott family activity.

“My brother and my father know a lot so they teach me, so I can learn to do things with the car on my own. I’m still learning but I try to do what I can,” Dusty said.

“My father has been teaching me how to set up the car, how to keep it running. He taught me how to drive and helped me build my first car. My mother, she’s more nervous but I guess that’s more of a ‘mom thing.’”

Tucson, Ariz. businessman Alan Levin has found the perfect outlet to relieve his workaday stress - Factory Stock racing at Tucson Raceway Park. Ironically, it was Levin who followed his son’s footsteps into the sport, not the other way around.

“My son, Matt, started racing in the Factory Stock division three years ago and I was his pit crew. I figured, if I was going to be out at the track, I would get my own car so I could race and have fun,” Levin said.

The Levin clan is now a prominent fixture at the 3/8-mile Tucson oval. Alan continues to race in the Factory Stocks, while Matt has moved on to the NASCAR Late Model division. Alan’s other son, Mike, also competes in the Factory Stocks. Alan’s brother, John, has also raced in the Factory Stock division.

“I’m the oldest of seven children, so family is very important to us,” Levin said. “We’ve carried that over into our racing. My wife, our daughter, our grandchild and my brother and his wife are our biggest supporters. We’ve got our own little cheering section in the stands.”

“I’ve learned an awful lot from Matt about how to setup the car and how to drive it. With his help, I’ve won the feature race in the past two weeks.”




DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (July 22, 2002) - At 80 participating short tracks across the nation, the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge championship picture is coming in to focus. Drivers in the series have until Sept. 15 to compete in the required minimum of 18 races, which make them eligible for a regional or national title. With eight weeks remaining, the championship favorites are beginning to show their stuff.

How the championships are won

The tracks are grouped in to eight geographic regions. At each participating track, drivers in the feature division are eligible for regional and national championships, which are determined by the Competition Performance Index (CPI). This index rates each driver based on their winning percentage (number of wins divided by number of starts), top-five and top-10 finishes, number of starts and the number of cars in their respective divisions. The points leader at each track is ranked in the “first tier” of the regional standings. The regional champion will be the highest rated driver in this “first tier,” so it is critical to earn the track points lead first.

Atlantic Region

Mark McFarland, of Winchester, Va. has collected five Late Model wins at Old Dominion Speedway and is a strong favorite to win the regional championship. McFarland has finished in the top-five in each of his 12 starts at the Manassas, Va. oval.

One driver hoping to unseat McFarland from the top of the standings is a driver who has been there before. Wade Day, of Blountville, Tenn., has an amazing record of 10 wins in 11 starts at Lonesome Pine Raceway in Coeburn, Va. Day was a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge regional champion in 2000.

Heartland Region

Stretching from Tennessee to Minnesota, the Heartland Region is led by William Tuckwell of Metamora, Ill. Tuckwell, who competes in the Dirt Late Model division at Peoria (Ill.) Speedway, clicked off seven consecutive victories to open the season and has remained at the top of the Heartland Region rankings all season. Kevin Nuttleman, of Bangor, Wis., races at LaCrosse (Wis.) Fairgrounds Speedway and has been inching his way toward the top of the standings each week. Rockton, Ill. driver Ricky Bilderback, a 2001 regional champion, races at Rockford (Ill.) Speedway and has also made a slow but steady climb towards the top during the first 10 weeks of competition.

Midwest Region

Clint Bowyer and John O’Neal Jr. are staging a memorable battle in the Midwest Region. O’Neal, of Kansas City, Mo., won the championship over Bowyer last year as the pair finished one-two in the Heartland Region. Following a realignment of regions for 2002, the two drivers find themselves battling against each other once again for the Midwest Region honors. O’Neal took one step closer to the top of the regional rankings with his seventh feature win July 20.

New England Region

The New England Region is home to the defending NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge national champion, Ted Christopher, of Plainville, Conn. Christopher has not yet returned to championship form at Thompson (Conn.) International Speedway, nor has he dominated the regional standings as he has in each of the past two seasons. That job has been left to Pete Daniels, of Lebanon, N.H. Daniels, a multi-time track champion at Claremont (N.H.) Speedway, has outdistanced himself from all challengers with eight wins and 10 top-five finishes overall in the NASCAR Modified division at Claremont.

Northeast Region

In the Northeast Region, veteran driver Buck Catalano, of Ontario, N.Y., has stayed near the top of the standings all season long. Catalano has seven wins at Spencer (N.Y.) Speedway but might not complete 18 races before Sept. 15. This leaves defending Holland (N.Y.) Speedway and Northeast Region champion Vern Bliss, of Arcade, N.Y., as a favorite for the title along with defending Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway track champion Neil Brown, of Acme, Pa. To date, Bliss has five wins and eight top-five finishes overall at Holland while Brown has four wins and six top-five finishes overall at Jennerstown.

Northwest Region

The Northwest Region encompasses ten tracks across California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Washington. 2001 regional champion Aaron Days, of Turlock, Calif., is once again on top of the track championship points at Altamont Raceway Park in Tracy, Calif., but the Late Model championship battle at Colorado National Speedway in Denver, Colo. might provide a preview of the regional championship outcome. Roger Avants, of Littleton, Colo. is seeking his fifth track championship but two other former title winners are hot on his heels.

Bruce Yackey, of Greeley, Colo., was the 2001 Colorado National Late Model champion; Jerry Robertson, of Arvada, Colo., won the track title in 2000 and was also a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge regional champion. Avants, Yackey and Robertson have combined for 13 wins in the division’s first 14 races and are expected to battle for the track championship until the last weeks of the season.

Southeastern Coastal Region

Jamey Caudill, of Four Oaks, N.C., has put in a strong performance at Southern National Speedway in Kenly, N.C., earning five wins in his first 10 starts. Close behind Caudill in the regional championship chase is Timothy Peters, of Providence, N.C. Peters is the points leader at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, N.C., where he has seven wins and 10 top-five finishes overall. Not to be overlooked are Southampton Motor Speedway standouts Phil Warren and Brandon Butler. Both are former regional champions and will challenge Southampton points leader Denny Hamlin down the stretch.

Sunbelt Region

In the first year of Dodge’s presenting sponsorship of the series, Dodge executives are no doubt excited to see one of their own on the leader board. Scott Winters, of Tracy, Calif., pilots a Dodge-powered Modified at Madera (Calif.) Speedway and has led the regional standings for several weeks. Should Winters prevail as the regional winner, he will receive an additional $2,500 bonus from Dodge, on top of the $43,000 prize for the regional championship. Other contenders for the Sunbelt Region title are Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Late Model leader Thane Alderman, of Las Vegas, and Dennis Reno Jr., of Tarrant, Ala., who competes at the region’s easternmost track, Birmingham (Ala.) International Raceway.




DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (June 26, 2002) - Roger Avants, of Littleton, Colo., maintained his lead in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge Northwest Region with his fourth Late Model win at Colorado National Speedway June 22. With 12 weeks remaining in the season, however, Avants’ hopes for a regional championship are far from secure. Two former regional champions - Aaron Days (2001) and Dave Byrd (1983) - are right behind Avants in the regional standings. 1997 regional champion Bruce Yackey is second in the track championship points at Colorado National followed by 2000 regional champion Jerry Robertson, of Arvada, Colo., who is third in the track championship standings at the 3/8-mile asphalt oval.

Other regional contenders abound, including Yakima, Wash. driver Jason Jefferson, a two-time feature winner at Yakima (Wash.) Speedway and Lakewood, Wash. competitor John Zaretzke, who has two wins and six top-five finishes overall at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash.  Seeking a return to championship form is 2001 regional champion Tom Moriarty, of Monroe, Wash., who has yet to win a race and has five top-five finishes in eight starts at Evergreen. Moriarty is currently ranked 33rd in the Northwest Region standings.



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