FAST TIME: Harry Belletto (Modesto) 14.262

HEAT-1: Barry Mitchell (Stockton), Jerry Crawford (Stockton), Johnny Berndt (Clement), Anthony Swan (Newark), Pete Ramirez (Manteca).

HEAT-2: Dave Byrd (San Jose) Belletto, Joe Hylton (Manteca), Robert Knittel (Lodi), Pete Anderson Jr. (Stockton), Harold Rieker (Orangevale).

HEAT-3: Tracy Bolin (Valley Springs), Phil Perry (Roseville), Paul Dorritty, Jr. (Modesto), Eddie Laws (Citrus Heights), Wes Miller (Delhi), Chris Monez (Lodi).

DASH: Belletto, Perry, Hylton, Monez.

MAIN: Belletto, Anderson, Byrd, Perry, Bolin, Miller, Barry Mitchell (Stockton), Hylton, Swan, Crawford, Ramirez, Laws, Ted Haflich (Stockton), Rieker, Monez, Dorritty, Knittel


FAST TIME: Steve Stacy (Stockton) 13.871 (N.T.R.)

DASH: Stacy, Jay Linstroth (Citrus Heights), Sam Solari (Salida), Jason Kerby (Galt).

MAIN: Kerby, Danny Contessotto (Stockton), Linstroth, Solari, Buzz Devore (Stockton), John Moore (Granite Bay), Aaron Young (Stockton), Larry Hoover (Turlock), Jason Philpot (Sacramento), Jeff Thomas (Stockton), Ben Lewis (Manteca), Ed Cullom (Ripon), Fred Clement (Stockton), Jack Stone (Lodi), Stacy, Darrin Halterman (Stockton), Gary Glenn (Orangevale), Ted Montague IV (Newark), Kyle Gottula (Modesto), Mike Regelman (Ripon)


FAST TIME: C.W. Davis (Stockton) 17.002

B-HEAT-1: Dustin Himes (Stockton), Jeremy Hoff (Copperopolis), Ray Bird (Stockton), Karen Wagner (Lodi), Johnny Rose (Stockton).

B-HEAT-2: Dave Ball (Stockton), Cindy Freitas (Lodi), Larry Moore (Lodi), Brian Vosburg (Stockton), Richard Harper (Stockton), Brian Miller (Railroad Flat).

B-MAIN: Harper, R-Bird, Wagner, Miller, Moore, Vosburg, Rose.

MAIN: Joey Stearns (Stockton), Tom Bolin (San Jose), Danny Guibor (Manteca), Michael Wendt (Lodi), Tom Dahl (Stockton), Aimee Sullivan (Lodi), Chad Holman (Stockton), Johnny Bird (Stockton), Ken Ratcliff (Stockton), Charlie Clawson (Modesto), Jeff Saunders (Salida), Freitas, R-Bird, Harper, John Medina (Galt), Kannai Scantlen (Stockton), Davis, Hoff, Ball, Himes


FAST TIME: Gary Franks (tk) (Manteca) 15.784 (N.T.R.) Earl Lee (ms) (Elverta) 16.593 (N.T.R.)

HEAT-1: A.J. Frank (tk), Lee (ms), Roy Smith (ms) (Auburn), Joe Williams (tk) (Ripon), Don Cox (tk) (Turlock), Larry Otto (ms) (Sacramento), Dale Bulmer (ms) (Sacramento).

HEAT-2: Franks (tk), Jeff Tucker (ms) (Stockton), Jim Reid (ms) (Galt), Bill Bays (ms) (North Highlands), Ron Davis (ms) (Carmichael), Rick Crisfulli (ms) (Fremont), Hugh Lee (ms) (Elverta), Mike Sims (tk) (Turlock).

DASH: A.J. Frank (tk), Earl Lee (ms), Franks (tk), Bays (ms).

MAIN: Reid (ms), Franks (tk), Frank (tk), Earl Lee (ms), Hugh Lee (ms), Bays (ms), Roy Smith (ms) (Auburn), Williams (tk), Davis (ms), Tucker (ms), Bulmer (ms).


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