FAST TIME: Harry Belletto (Modesto) 14.293

HEAT-1: Eddie Laws (Citrus Heights), Pete Anderson, Jr. (Stockton), Eric Seely (Modesto), Tracy Bolin (Valley Springs), Anthony Swan (Newark), David Hulsey (Manteca), Walt Haas (Antioch).

HEAT-2: Paul Dorritty, Jr. (Modesto), Wes Miller (Delhi), Verg Beaty (Ceres), Johnny Berndt (Clements), Buzz Devore (Stockton), Belletto, Chris Monez (Lodi).

DASH: Laws, Anderson, Miller, Belletto.

MAIN: Belletto, Laws, Miller, Devore, Monez, Bolin, Anderson, Beaty, Dorritty, Swan, Berndt, Seely, Haas, Hulsey.


FAST TIME: Joey Stearns (Stockton) 16.992

B-HEAT-1: Richard Harper (Stockton), Johnny Rose (Stockton), Brian Miller (Railroad Flat), Steven Hall (Manteca), Greg Tyler (Modesto).

B-HEAT-2: Gary Shafer, Jr. (Stockton), Ray Bird (Stockton), Johnny Cordoza (Manteca), Brian Ennis (Stockton), Stacy Medina (Galt), Larry Moore (Lodi).

B-MAIN: Miller, Hall, Cordoza, Moore, Ennis, Tyler, Medina.

MAIN: Stearns, Tom Bolin (San Jose), Shafer, Aimee Sullivan (Lodi), John Medina (Galt), Charlie Clawson (Modesto), Tom Dahl (Stockton), Johnny Bird (Stockton), Cindy Freitas (Lodi), Dave Ball (Stockton), Hall, Danny Guibor (Manteca), Harper, Ray Bird (Stockton), Cordoza, Kannai Scantlen (Stockton), Ken Ratcliff (Stockton), Chad Holman (Stockton), Rose, Michael Wendt (Lodi).



FAST TIME: Marc DeBeaumont (Clayton) 13.401

HEAT-1: Alex Harris (Semi Valley), Gary Dickenson (Santa Rosa), Dan Gundo (San Jose), Johnny Rodriguez (Elk Grove), Tim Joyce (San Carlos), Bill Lindsey (San Carlos), Joe Lindsey (Danville), DeBeaumont, Jim Silva (Manteca).

HEAT-2: Tony Hunt (Elk Grove), Travis Berryhill (American Canyon), Floyd Alvis (San Carlos), John Sarale (Stockton), Rob Russell (Fremont), Cliff Servetti (San Francisco), Pete Davis (Pleasanton), Rob Lindsey (Danville), Ken Molica (Soquel), Desi Bray (Vacaville).

DASH: Rodriguez, DeBeaumont, Hunt, Alvis.

MAIN: Hunt, Rodriguez, Harris, DeBeaumont, Davis, Joyce, Alvis, Gundo, Servetti, Berryhill, Dickenson, B-Lindsey, J-Lindsey, Russell, R-Lindsey, Sarale, Molica.


QUAL: 1. Mark DeBeaumont, #11 DeBeaumont 13.401; 2. Tony Hunt, #4

Rosen 13.449; 3. Johnny Rodriguez, #30 Rodriguez 13.543; 4. Floyd

Alvis, #1 Alvis 13.648; 5. Tim Joyce, #99 Segur 13.707; 6. John

Sarale, #2 Caves 13.734; 7. Alex Harris, #57 Terrenova 13.757; 8.

Cliff Servetti, #83 Servetti 13.768; 9. Dan Gundo, #6 Gundo 13.776;

10. Rob Russell, #63 Guerrini 13.866; 11. Gary Dickenson, #8

Dickenson 13.875; 12. Pete Davis, #00 Davis 13.886; 13. Jim Silva,

#19 Chandler 13.913; 14. Travis Berryhill, #11T Trout 13.962; 15.

Bill Lindsey, #61 Lindsey 14.196; 16. Desi Bray, #25 Bray 14.301; 17.

Joe Lindsey, #14 Lindsey 14.556; 18. Ken Molica, #94 Molica 14.935;

19. Rob Lindsey, #23 Lindsey N/T; 20. Greg Nelson, #17 Thurston N/T.

HEAT-1: Harris, Dickenson, Gundo, Rodriguez, Joyce, B. Lindsey, J.

Lindsey, DeBeaumont, Silva. N/T

HEAT-2: Hunt, Berryhill, Alvis, Sarale, Russell, Servetti, Davis, R.

Lindsey, Molica, Bray. 2:19.34.

TROPHY DASH: Rodriguez, DeBeaumont, Hunt, Alvis. 55.16.

MAIN: Tony Hunt, Johnny Rodriguez, Alex Harris, Marc DeBeaumont, Pete

Davis, Tim Joyce, Floyd Alvis, Dan Gundo, Cliff Servetti, Travis

Berryhill, Gary Dickenson, Bill Lindsey, Joe Lindsey, Rob Russell,

Rob Lindsey, John Sarale, Ken Molica. N/T.

LAP LEADERS: Berryhill 1-7; Harris 8-25; Hunt 26-30



FAST TIME TRUCK: Gary Franks (Manteca) 16.253

FAST TIME MINI STOCK: Marc Borges (Tracy) 16.635

HEAT-1: Matt Borges (Ms) (Tracy), A.J. Frank (Tk) (Turlock), Franks, Richard Del Guidice (Tk) (Patterson), Tim Fernandes, Jr. (Tk) (Modesto), Todd Lewis (Tk) (Riverbank), Roy Stephens (Ms) (Manteca), Robert Oliver (Ms) (Stockton).

HEAT-2: Marc Borges, Randy Johoda (Tk) (Tracy), Ron Robeck (Tk) (Milpitas), Mike Brooks (Ms) (Manteca), Tim Fernandez, Sr. (Tk) (Modesto), Don Kennedy (S4) Stockton), Chet Hopkins (Ms) (Stockton), Brandon Trevethan (Tk) Tracy).

DASH: Marc Borges, Franks, Johoda, Frank.

MAIN: Fernandez, Sr., Trevethan, Johoda, Frank, Lewis, Marc Borges, Oliver, Fernandes, Jr., Robeck, Stephens, Brooks, Del Guidice, Kennedy, Hopkins, Matt Borges, Franks.


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