2003 99 Schedule


Sat. Sep, 20th was Mayorís Cup Night for the NASCAR DODGE WEEKLY SERIES.  The evening featured five big main events including, Western Late Models, Grand American Modifides, Legend Cars and Pure Stocks for the annual Womenís Powder Puff Championships.  

In the Western Late Model HAVOLINE C.L. BRYANT sponsored division Harry Belletto, #74, of Modesto passed John Moore, #27, of Granite Bay for the lead following the start.  Wes Miller, #2, of Turlock and Danny Guibor, #52, of Manteca chased Moore going two wide in lap two.  Miller passed Guibor for third.  Moore continued to pursue Belletto, diving low in lap eight attempting to pass for the lead.  Point leader Eric Schmidt, 05x, of Roseville made his way through the pack, battling head to head with Miller for two laps until Schmidt broke away in lap thirteen.  Schmidt continued to maneuver his way to the lead passing Moore for second.  Schmidt was on a rail and quickly chased Belletto, but was slowed by lapped traffic in lap sixteen.  Dwight Pilcher, #05, of Stockton spun out causing a yellow flag in lap nineteen.  After the restart Belletto hastily bolted into the lead with Schmidt going low from the inside.  With less than one-third of the race left the battle between Belletto and Schmidt intensified. Schmidt went low for a passing attempt, but it was halted when Johnny Berndt of Clements crashed into the wall causing another caution flag.  After the restart Danny Guibor of Manteca flew into the wall sending another caution flag out.  Schmidt and Belletto were nose to nose after the final restart.  Schmidt raced into the lead chased by Belletto.  In the final lap on turn three Belletto went full throttle trying to pass the leader, but Schmidt defended his position and finished with a clean sweep and the 2003 Western Late Model Championship.  Schmidt finished the season with 1,125 points, six victories, ten dash wins and nine fast times. Belletto finished 2nd with 1,097 points and Moore placed 3rd and in points with 873.  Robert Knittel,#3, of Lodi placed 4th and Gary Schafer, Jr., #3x, was 5th.     

In the Grand American Modified Division Jason Philpot, #5, claimed his 2003 Grand American Modified Championship.  Joey Stearns, #3, of Stockton raced into the lead after the start.  Top qualifier and dash winner Mike Regelman, #66, of Ripon chased Stearns until Jason Philpot bumped Regelman sending him spinning.  After the caution flag Stearns and Regelman were sent to the back of the pack.  Stearns and Steve Stacy, #91, of Stockton battled for the lead.  Stacy passed Stearns from the outside for the lap four lead.  Stearns and Stacy continued to rally until Sterns recaptured the lead and broke away dominating the pack.  Philpot had maneuvered his way into third by lap seventeen. Chris Mays, #39, of Stockton spun out in lap twenty-one causing a caution flag.  Stearns set the pace on the restart and Stacy followed, trailed by Philpot.  Ted Montague, #34, of Newark spun out in lap twenty-five causing another caution flag.  Stearns raced back into the lead and claimed his first victory of the season, Regelman finished 2nd, Philpot 3rd, Danny Contessotto, (#98), 4th and Steve Stacy was 5th.        

In the Pro 4 Trucks division, Carrie Miller won the 2003 Pro 4 Trucks Championship. Carrie Miller, #27, of Saratoga was the first woman in the trackís 57-year history to win a Championship!  Todd Lewis of Riverbank had the lead followed by Randy Jahoda, #71, of Tracy, Dave Wright of Manteca and Carrie Miller of Saratoga, respectively.  Jahoda swiftly passed Lewis, who lost his momentum and trailed the pack.  Miller passed Wright for second and Bret Barney, #81, of Rohnert Park followed for third.  It was a smooth race until Mike Curry, #48, of Lodi slammed into the wall sending out the caution flag.  Jahoda didnít hesitate to take the lead and was chased by Miller and Barney.  Miller and Jahoda battled for the lead, but Jahoda dominated his position for a checkered flag finish, Miller followed for 2nd, Barney was 3rd,Chris Drysdale, of San Jose was 4th and Shane Drecher of Livermore was 5th.  

The Womenís annual Powder Puff Championship was an exciting race.  Christy Allen, #9, of Linden raced into the lead and quickly dominated her position.  Allen was chased by Donna Dahl, #04, of Stockton.  Dahl challenged Allen for the lead going head to head in lap eleven.  They continued to battle in lapped traffic until Dahl captured the lead half way through the race.  Dahl claimed the championship, Peggy Mosher, #03, of Manteca was 2nd, Allen 3rd, Jill Schmidt, #05, of Roseville was 4th and Evelyn Bird of Stockton, #68, finished 5th.


Bryce Hilliard of Libby Montana had a strong lead in the first main Legends Division race.  Hilliard led the pack over half the race until a caution flag in lap fifteen.  After the restart Hilliard sprinted into the lead followed by Pete Currin of Redwood City, Richard Appleby, #83, (right), of Yountville and Kelly Martin, #38, of Modesto respectively.  Hilliard got a little loose in lap eighteen opening the door for Appleby and Martin to pass from the inside.  Hillard was able to pass Martin for 2nd.  Richard Appleby of Yountville took the checkered flag, Kelly Martin 3rd, Chuck Scott 4th, and Mike Hoffman was 5th

In the second Legends race Rick Andrews, #58, dominated the lead until Ryan Mosher passed Andrews in lap 23 for the victory.  Andrews finished 2nd, Kelly Martin 3rd, Chuck Scott 4th, and 2003 (99 Speedway) Legend Cars Track Champion Steve Fensler, Jr., #5, finished 5th.     

Stockton 99 Speedway is celebrating their 57th season this year in a BIG way

Saturday, September 27th.  The CALIFORNIA STATE OPEN COMPETITION CHAMPIONSHIP presented by STOCKTON DODGE / DODGE COUNTRY and DAVIDíS RACING PRODUCTS.  This is going to be a HUGE night for race fans and drivers!  Open competition Western Late Models will race a 125-lap feature event for a chance to win a purse totaling $26,320.00!  Grand American Modifieds will battle 66 laps during their main event for a possible $8,105.00 and Pure Stocks will race a 50-lap main event for a purse totaling $5,630.00.  A HUGE AERIAL FIREWORKS SHOW will follow the races! Donít miss this opportunity to see top drivers racing at the fast track for over $40,000 in open competition prize money!

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