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Stockton 99 Speedway
Race Results, 9-2-2006

Media Relations Dale J Bosowski


HOTWOOD 1000 Series Havoline Western Late Models

Fast Time 1) Ron Strmiska Jr. (Stockton) 14.270 seconds 2) Mark Holeman (Los Gatos) 3) Harry Belletto (Modesto) 4) Dave Byrd (Pacific Grove) 5) Joey Stearns (Stockton)

Dash None


Main 100 Laps

1.  Mark Holeman (Los Altos)

2.  David Philpott (Tracy)

3.  Pete Anderson Jr. (Stockton)

4.  Guy Guibor (Manteca)

5.  Joey Stearns (Stockton)

6.  Kyle Gottula (Modesto)

7.  Justin Philpott (Tracy)

8.  Jeff Orr (Stockton)

9.  Tim Fernandes Sr. (Ripon)

10.  Ken Benhamoc (San Ramon)

11.  Ron Strmiska Jr. (Stockton)

12.  Harry Belletto (Modesto)

13.  Eric Humphries (Chowchilla)

14.  Dave Byrd (Pacific Grove)

15.  Buzz Devore (Stockton)

16.  Danny Contessotto (Stockton)

17.  Brock Monroe (Escalon)


West Car Series Late Models

Fast Time Chris Monez (Turlock) - 14.359 seconds

Dash 1)Gary Glenn (Orangevale), 2)Craig Swim (Orangevale), 3)Chris Monez (Turlock), 4)Shannon Mansch (Roseville)


Main 100 Laps

1.  Eric Schmidt (Roseville)

2.  Shannon Mansch (Roseville)

3.  Brock Monroe (Escalon)

4.  Chris Monez (Turlock)

5.  Andrew Livengood (Richmond)

6.  Randy Reeves (Modesto)

7.  Chet Danburg (Carson City, NV)

8.  Byron Gonzales (Carmichael)

9.  Bobby Hodges (Carson City, NV)

10. Gary Glenn (Orangevale)

11. Troy Shirk (Oakley)

12. Craig Swim (Orangevale)

13. Michael Clarke (Pleasanton)

14. Bobby Ray Butler (Sacramento)

15. Michael Wendt (Lodi)

16. Brian Koskie (San Ramon)

17. Eddie Laws (Lincoln)

18. Tim Bost (Paradise)

19. Dan Cherry (Sacramento)

20. Paul Hansen (Richmond)

21. Zane Lovelace (Roseville)


American Limited Stock Cars

Fast Time Joe Allen (Stockton) - 15.402 seconds

Dash 1)Chad Holman (Stockton), 2)Darrell Hughes (Stockton), 3)Joe Allen (Stockton), 4)Pete Anderson Sr. (Stockton)

Door to Door Dash - 1)Adam Zachary (Oakdale), 2)Perry Jefferson (Murphys), 3)Richard Harper (Stockton), 4)Stephanie Monahan (San Jose)


Main 30 Laps

1.  Pete Anderson Sr. (Stockton)

2.  Chad Holman (Stockton)

3.  Darrell Hughes (Escalon)

4.  Bryan Jones (Lodi)

5.  Leroy Hunt (Stockton)

6.  Bryon Tommeraason (Galt)

7.  Allen Ryder (Stockton)

8.  Steve Fraser Sr. (Lodi)

9.  Garland Tyler (Modesto)

10. Tom Bolin (Valley Springs)

11. Tim Bender (Lodi)

12. Mary Saunders (Modesto)

13. Adam Zachary (Oakdale)

14. Stephanie Monahan (San Jose)

15. Danny Snow (Concord)

16. Perry Jefferson (Murphys)

17. Richard Harper (Stockton)

18. Charlie Clawson (Modesto)

19. Jim Vosburg (Stockton)

20. Robert Daniel (Lodi)

21. Joe Allen (Stockton)

22. Steve Fraser Jr. (Lodi)


Pro-4 Trucks

Fast Time - Mark Henslee (Lathrop) 15.182 seconds

Dash - 1)Mark Henslee (Lathrop), 2)Eric Figone (Stockton), 3)Bryan Hitchcock (Valley Springs), 4)Walt Bruegger (Hayward)


Main - 30 Laps

1.  Mark Henslee (Lathrop)

2.  Bryan Hitchcock (Valley Springs)

3.  Nathan McNeil (Oakdale)

4.  Walt Bruegger (Hayward)

5.  Dominic Lopez (San Leandro)

6.  Tim Fernandes Jr. (Ripon)

7.  Fred Hatch (Oakdale)

8.  Brian Miller (Railroad Flat)

9.  David Couch (Livermore)

10. Scott Gilligan (Stockton)

11. Eric Figone (Stockton)

12. Darin Martinez (Elk Grove)


Stockton 99 Speedway is located at 4105 North Wilson Way. Traveling south on Highway 99, take the Wilson Way exit. The track is two blocks up the road just past the first stop light. On Highway 99 north, take the Cherokee Road exit, loop over the freeway to Newton Road and turn right. Drive one mile and turn left at the Wilson Way stoplight. From Interstate 5, get on the Cross-town Freeway and head east to Highway 99 north, then drive north on Highway 99 to the Cherokee Road exit. For information, call (209) 466-9999, or visit

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